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Reducing The Stress Of Moving Day

Moving day is traditionally such a hectic and emotionally charged experience that there are even reality TV shows about it. Does it have to be that way? Is it possible to ensure that moving day goes smoothly? Picking a good moving company, or making similar arrangements to transport your belongings, is the ...

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The Most Important Room In Your Home

When preparing your home for sale, you want to make sure every room looks its best. But pay particularly close attention to the kitchen. Many buyers will spend a lot of time determining whether or not it meets their needs. In fact, some buyers will even form an impression about ...

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Looks like Builders and Developers Aren’t the Only Ones Trying To Meet the Demands of the Economy:

Looks like Builders and Developers Aren't the Only Ones Trying To Meet the Demands of the Economy: The Government of Canada is building strong, inclusive and sustainable communities with more than $180 Billion in new infrastructure funding over the next 12 years. By making historic investments in public transit, housing and social ...

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How To Handle Offers

You obviously have experience purchasing a home. But you may not have had an opportunity, yet, to be on the other side of the transaction: putting your house on the market and entertaining offers. Offers, in particular, can intimidate first time sellers (even those who have bought and sold a few ...

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